Save The Date!!

Fusion Dance Recital 

The revue date is:

Friday, June 14th, 2024

at the Jefferson Performing Arts Center


  • All numbers in the recital will require a costume. There will be a $80.00 costume deposit per costume. This fee will be split between and added to your October and November tuition payments. Students with any outstanding balances will not receive costumes until the account is brought up to date.
  • All costume meetings explaining how to decorate all costumes, and also important information on upcoming events will be held on TBD. THIS IS MANDATORY. If you are unable to attend, you MUST send someone in your place to collect your items. We will not be responsible for holding your items until a later date. You will be given instructions on how to trim costumes, what accessories are needed, how things will need to be worn and important information regarding the revue. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO NOT BRNG CHILDREN TO THIS MEETING.
  • When all costumes have been received and appropriate decorations have been explained and dispersed, the balance of your completed costume will be due with your May payment.
  • Costumes will not be ordered unless your complete deposit, per costume, is paid in full.
  • Once costumes are ordered, you are responsible for the entire cost. There are NO refunds!
  • Every effort will be made to order the correct size costume. If sizing is questionable, you will be asked to make that decision. In some cases, no exchanges as possible. If possible, the fee for the exchange will be assessed to your account. Please consider this when making sizing decisions or advise us accordingly.
  • Every class will have a dress rehearsal. This is a very important part of the preparations for the revue. DRESS REHEARSAL allows us to determine if every costume is done properly and if everything works while dancing. COSTUMES MUST BE COMPLETED WITH ALL EMBELISHMENTS AND ALTERED TO FIT THE STUDENT PROPERLY. THE PROPER UNDER GARMENTS MUST BE WORN. ALL ACCESSORIES MUST BE SECURED AND YOUR HAIR MUST ALSO BE PROPERLY DONE.

Dance Production

  • The revue date is Friday, June 14th, 2024 at the Jefferson Performing Arts Center (JPAC). Stage Rehearsal will be that morning at 9 am at JPAC also. Marathon Rehearsal will be at the school the Saturday before the revue, June 8th, 2024. This is a MANDATORY Rehearsal for the whole school. If you do not come to Marathon Rehearsal, you will not be added to the lottery. If you are an ad finalist and do not attend Marathon, you will be last to pick your seats from all finalists.
  • A Revue Fee will be added to your January and February invoice. The total fee will be split between these two months. For each individual student, a $150 fee will be split between these months. For families, the fee is reduced for each student. For a family of 2, it is $12 per person. For a family of 3 or ore, it is $110 per person.
  • There are No Refunds of revue fees.
  • Recital information, in detail, will be handed out at the mandatory costume meetings. All families will receive 10 free tickets to the show and a student ticket for each student. Tickets to the recital will not be handed out until tuition is paid in full.
  • A lottery for seating will be conducted and will take place after Marathon Rehearsal. All who did not qualify as an Ad Finalist or an Ad Winner, other than Teachers and Assistants, will be included in the Lottery as long as you are paid in full. The first name pulled will be the first person to select seats, and so on.
  • YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED IN THE LOTTERY IF YUR BILL IS NOT PAID IN FULL. If you are still not paid in full, you will not be able to participate in the show revue night!